Lo Mejor de Nariño


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Molasses, caramelised citrus, medium body. This coffee is suitable for all brewing methods.
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  • Lo Mejor de Nariño
  • Nation
  • Colombia
  • Caturra
  • Washed and decaffeinated using the Mountain Water Process


Our friends at Monmouth Coffee hold a competition in Narino to find the best coffees suitable for decaffeination. There are 7 farmers who contribute to this decaf. They are Diana Burbano, Lucio Delgado, Ezequiel Castillo, Bibiana Mena, María Amada Guerrero, Isaac Pérez Burbano, Martha Cecilia Galviz. The coffee once selected is repacked and sent to Mexico for the Descamex Mountain Water process for decaffeination.
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